Gompel&Svacina: a new informative-academic publishing company

The times are not only changing in the world of general publishing houses. There is also significant and even remarkable news in the academic publishing field. While this sector has been dominated for years by nearly the same players, a new initiative has recently seen the light: Gompel&Svacina.

However, both namesetters of the new publishing house are no newcomers. Huug Van Gompel was the co-founder, inspirer and managing director of Garant. He committed himself to this company for 28 years. He was also the chairman of the Board of Directors of the legal publishing house Maklu. For 16 years, Stephan Svacina was the publisher and ‘face’ at Maklu‘s.

Creative and inspiring

Publishing is a wonderful profession. A lot of creativity is involved, authors and publishers inspiring each other. Gompel&Svacina want to be the ideal place for developing ideas and especially for sharing knowledge. Old structures and inevitable routine work hamper this creativity. Time for something new.

‘Information changes quickly. Why should one therefore record expertise today that has to remain unchanged for years, with outdated information as a result? These days, this really is no longer a necessity.’

Promoting scientists and their work also does not have to be immune to contemporary marketing techniques. Sales channels have also undergone some radical changes, including a direct approach of the target audience. Moreover, books do not have to compete with digital developments. Do not fight false enemies. A large number of authors want to share their knowledge. And so ‘sharing knowledge’ has become the adage of this publishing house. The whole academic publishing industry is going through major changes. And while everything changes, it is good to start a new page.

Quality, regarding both content and form, is paramount and should be monitored in various ways. The care for this lies in the DNA of Gompel&Svacina.

Books that stay with you

At the same time, publishing with Gompel&Svacina is not a cool accounting matter. ‘Counting predetermined pages, keeping to rigid patterns and cold commercial logic is something we keep far from’. Typically, Huug Van Gompel himself – as a Belgian – was granted a Knighthood in the Order of Orange-Nassau by the Dutch Queen Beatrix some years ago, precisely because of his special merits with publications about childhood learning and development problems. Gompel&Svacina want – wherever possible – to take on a social task with the aim of contributing to greater mutual understanding in society. Books that stay with you, so to speak. This is possible in the field of all social sciences, whether it is law, taxation, criminology, pedagogy, psychology, history, environment.

Gompel&Svacina mainly focuses on professionals, students and people who want to learn for life, inside or outside of their profession.


The publishers work closely together with the authors, constantly keeping the interests of the reader in mind. The publishing company is committed to opt for fast, contemporary developments in the digital world, the latest printing techniques, the academic practices, the needs of each professional field. This makes it possible to produce quickly, both with large and limited editions. The publishing company primarily focuses on Europe, with all access to the international market.

Huug Van Gompel tel.: 00 32 475 280 276 | e-mail: huug.vangompel@gompel-svacina.eu

Stephan Svacina tel.: 00 32 486 449 618 | e-mail: stephan.svacina@gompel-svacina.eu