Mahmoud Masaeli & Rico Sneller (eds.)

Responses of Mysticism to Religious Terrorism. Sufism and Beyond



978 94 6371 190 6





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This book explores how mystical traditions of either Abrahamic or non-Abrahamic religions hold the potential to challenge the discourse of political Islam and its terrorist intentions. It discusses the urgent need to reconsider mystical messages of love and recognition of difference against the poisonous evil of terrorism issuing from religious contexts. Throughout the publication, the editors draw together the main ideas and perspectives surrounding mystical Islam in real life and the practice of mystics alongside illustrating common beliefs and practices of Islamic mysticism. This book analyses the message and impacts of mysticism on the battle against the evil of religious terrorism, whilst examining successful stories and cases against violence and religious terrorism.

Mahmoud Masaeli is the Executive Director of Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns – APGC. His area of research and teaching interests are global ethics, global development, human wellbeing, universal spirituality, and human rights.

Rico Sneller is a philosopher and vice president of Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns – APGC. His research interests include philosophy of life, critique of rationality, and altered states of consciousness.

ISBN: 9789463711906


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